I Can Read 英語水平測試

I Can Read English Assessment


Let’s Experience the Happy Learning Environment!

想了解小朋友的英語能力,同時感受 I Can Read 輕鬆自在的學習氣氛? 現在就登記參加 I Can Read 英語水平測試。費用全免!

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Why is I Can Read Unique?
I Can Read 的教學特色

I Can Read Teacher Johannes introduces to the teaching method of I Can Read. The teaching system makes difficult lessons easy to learn and encourages students to interact with each others. Every child studies in I Can Read can easily master English skills without struggling in memorizing any words.

I Can Read 老師 Teacher Johannes 為大家簡單介紹 I Can Read 的教學特色。有賴於深入淺出、鼓勵互動的教學方法,讓每一位在 I Can Read 學習的小朋友不需要再死記硬背,輕鬆就能掌握英語運用技巧。