Curriculum Licensing/Extra Curricular Activity

I Can Read curriculum licensed to an institution or chain of institutions to be integrated into a syllabus.

Discover 1-3

CEFR Level : Leading to A1
CIE Level: Starters

This three-part series caters to students ranging from pre-kindergarten to lower elementary.

Each book targets a variety of engaging themes, sound-related activities and stories. The contents encourage students to interact with each other in English, thus developing their vocabulacy and sentence structures in a natural context.

Key Features:

  • Wild variety of fun topics
  • Listening and speaking activities to enhance vocabulary
  • Key phonological awareness activities such as: first, last and middle sound identification and blending and segmenting
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CEFR Level : A1, A2 and B1
CIE Level: Movers/ Flyers/ KET/ PET

This six-part series has been specially designed for beginner to intermediate-level readers. The course uses the foundational pre-reading skills to facilitate learning. Students also utilise the I Can Read Screener and diacritical marks to ensure accurate pronunciation. Other key components of this course include: fluency, expression, pace, intonation, spelling and sentence-writing.

Key Features:

  • A clear learning focus in each lesson with regular practice and revision
  • Sound-based reading passages
  • A scaffolded approach to teaching the diacritical marks
  • Vocabulary development through reading
  • Sound-based spelling activities


CEFR Level : B2, C1, Leading to C2
CIE Level: FCE and CAE

This practical intermediate to upper-intermediate course consists of 6 levels which are designed to nurture confidence and creativity in both written and oral expression. Each lesson develops creative and divergent thinking skills while fostering collaborative learning. There is a strong emphasis placed on reading comprehension, speaking and listening, and writing and grammar.

Key Features:

  • Rich and lively content
  • Extracts from classic children’s literature and poetry
  • Clearly-defined learning intentions and success criteria in each lesson
  • Controlled exercises to develop vocabulary
  • Writing tasks focussing On a variety of styles, e.g. situational writing or continuous composition
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