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Learning English for kindergarten

The I Can Read Discover Programme focuses on younger children just starting out on their learning journeys ( Baby English Learning ). Generally it is a one hour per week course (though children can attend more often if the parents wish), aimed at children from the age of 2.5 years ( Begin learning English for Kindergarten ), and is designed to guide our youngest students towards early acquisition of English literacy.

Pre-Reading Level 1:

For young learners starting their literacy journey. Develops initial phonological awareness, effective lifelong learning habits and social skills.

Each class includes:

Learning Objectives:

  • Speak simple sentences using simple vocabulary
  • Participate in story time
  • Increase vocabulary using specialized classroom resources
  • Understand the concept of first sounds in words
  • Focus and pay attention for 5 minutes or more.
  • Understand the classroom environment

Pre-Reading Level 2

Interactive language based course developing literacy skills. Develops listening skills and phonological awareness for first and last sounds in words.

Each class includes:

Learning Objectives:

  • Speak using short grammatically correct sentences
  • Participate in story time
  • Describe pictures
  • Follow more than one consecutive instruction at one time
  • Increase vocabulary using specialized classroom resources
  • Identify first sounds of words and some last sounds

Pre-Reading Level 3

An auditory foundation pre-reading course. Refines phonemic and phonological awareness and increases confidence when speaking in preparation for the Reading course.

Each class includes:

Learning Objectives:

  • Speak using grammatically correct sentences
  • Participate in story time
  • Identify first, middle & last sounds of words
  • Oral blending & segmenting
  • Understanding sound / letter relationships
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Notice for Class Suspension

In view of the increasing cases of Novel Coronavirus, the Education Bureau announced that all schools will extend their Chinese New Year holidays to 1st March, I Can Read will enforce the following special arrangements

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