Developed by educational psychologists, the I Can Read Programme is student-centred and outcome-based taught by internationally qualified English Reading Specialists using the I Can Read method. Our classes are focused and fun. Parents are kept informed of the progress their child has made, in the learning areas of each course. I Can Read achieves results, giving our students the literacy skills they need as they progress in their education.

The course is divided into three major stages: I Can Read Discover, I Can Read and I Can Read Plus.

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(Age 2.5-5)

The I Can Read Discover English Programme focuses on younger children just starting out on their learning journeys. Generally, it is a one hour per week course (though children can attend more often if the parents wish), aimed at children from the age of 2.5 years, and is designed to guide our youngest students towards the early acquisition of English literacy.

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(Age 5-7)

I Can Read is a 12 month course that focuses on developing independent readers. The course follows our renowned I Can Read System, which teaches and reinforces one new sound each week. The students are taught to identify sounds via the use of a series of I Can Read proprietary marks or clues.

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(Age 7-12)

The I Can Read Plus English programme focuses on the key English skills students need to achieve in Primary School. Our courses build on from the excellent reading platform students have gained, to target all literacy areas. Students develop understanding and confidence, in a fun interactive class setting.

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Notice for Class Suspension

In view of the increasing cases of Novel Coronavirus, the Education Bureau announced that all schools will extend their Chinese New Year holidays to 1st March, I Can Read will enforce the following special arrangements

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