Online Class - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is I CAN READ Online Class?

I CAN READ Online Class is a web-based virtual classroom where teachers will be conducting live classes for our students.

2. What is the difference between online and face-to-face lesson?

The main difference is your child is not learning in a physical classroom at our centre but via an online virtual classroom environment. All online lessons are live sessions and students can interact with their teachers and classmates using various tools in the virtual classroom.

To ensure engagement and learning results, lessons time and size are also adjusted (see 13.).

3. What do I need to do to sign-up for the Online Class?

You are required to sign-up an account with ClassIn using your mobile number. Once the account is registered, please provide the mobile number used to register your child with the centre is attending lessons so that we can link your child to our account in ClassIn.

Software Installation and Account Registration
4. Where do I download the necessary software?

Please follow the instructions on the User Guide for Students to install ClassIn on your device.

5. How do I create an account with ClassIn?

After installing the software, follow the instructions to register an account. The instructions are available at here.

6. How do I register if I have more than one child?

You will need to register each child with a different mobile phone number.

7. How do I inform ICR of my child's account/registered mobile phone number?

Please contact our centre staff after ClassIn account registration.

8. Can the same device be used for 2 different students at the same time?

No, it is not possible. They have to be at a different timing.

Pre-class Preparation
9. What do I need to do before attending a lesson?

Parents should help your child to set up the device and make sure the webcam, speaker, and microphone are functioning properly. The virtual classroom is open 10 mins before the scheduled lesson time. Students are recommended to enter the classroom earlier than the scheduled lesson time.

10. Will there be any replacement if my child cannot join the class as per the schedule?

There will be no replacement lessons. Alternatively, a link will be shared to the student to watch the lesson recording of the missed lessons.

11. Can I join the class together to assist my child?

Yes, you may join the class to help your child on the usage of the software and keeping them engaged. Please refrain from assisting your child in the lesson though – let our teachers guide your child.

12. How do I re-join the class if I get disconnected in between the lesson?

You can try to log in and enter the class your child is assigned to again. If you still experience difficulties joining the class, please inform our centre staff and we will provide necessary assistance.

13. Is there a difference between the duration of classes?

Online classes are half of the usual runtime:

  • PRE1 classes: 30 minutes with maximum class size of 5
  • PRE2 and above classes: 45 minutes with maximum class size of 5
14. Can I record the online lesson?

No. There are legal and student privacy implications in taking any screenshot or recording any classes.

15. How can I do payment?

We accept the below payment methods:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Bank Transfer
  • Faster Payment System (FPS)
  • Cheque Deposit/Mailed Cheque

Please contact our centre staff for payment details.

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