Level Up Your Child's Grammar Skills!

We are excited to introduce our fully-online Grammar Booster programme for Primary School Students! A first in Asia, this student-centric interactive course will give a boost to both your child’s English ability and confidence through engaging digital content.

Nouns | Articles | Adjectives | Adverbs
Conjunction | Parts of Speech | Punctuation
Simple Sentences | Complex Sentences
and much more!

Choose The Right Course According To Your Child's Primary Level!

There are two courses to choose from that both explore the same grammatical concepts but have been tailor-made to suit different ages of learners:

  • Fun with Grammar Booster is recommended for students in Primary Levels 3-4 to introduce and build upon concepts individually in a fun and focused way.
  • Flying with Grammar Booster is recommended for students in Primary Levels 5-6 to refresh and boost existing grammatical knowledge in more detail.

You only need to subscribe to ONE course, so please choose the course that best suits your child’s level.

Why Are Grammar Skills So Important?

  • Articulate with verbal and written precision.
  • Categorise parts of speech for greater grammar test results.
  • Implement correct punctuation for written accuracy.
  • Determine correct tenses for answering questions, no matter the subject.

Learn Grammar Anytime, Anywhere

A one-stop solution with hours of fun, interactive courses where students:

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Watch animations to understand concepts

Grammar Booster USP 6000X3000px 2 1 300x150

Get immediate feedback to self-correct

Grammar Booster USP 6000X3000px 11 300x150

Test grammar skills through scored quizzes

Grammar Booster USP 6000X3000px 6 300x150

Engage with content to answer questions

Grammar Booster USP 6000X3000px 5 300x150

Play games to practise the concepts

Grammar Booster USP 6000X3000px 7 300x150

Earn certificates upon completion

Grammar Boosting in 3 Easy Steps


Fill registration form with necessary details.


Make online payment by credit card.


Receive log-in details by email within 48 hours. Log-in & start learning!


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Limited Time Offer!
HK$289 ONLY!

Frequently Asked Questions

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