Why Franchise with us?

  • D4ABA7A0-E77B-41B3-9F13-EE14043DE5B0Created with sketchtool. Source of secondary income
  • 3EB1E783-0BD6-4850-B31F-1BCE8A0E32B8Created with sketchtool. Stable investment
    with high ROI
  • 935850F9-BAF2-4D3B-8618-508C5BC114EECreated with sketchtool. Lower risk of business failure
  • 55DBB630-654F-478E-AF92-4034A45BEA9ECreated with sketchtool. Tapping on proven business
    know how and systems
  • 01B49B63-D848-4C0D-A8B1-D081A3F5063FCreated with sketchtool. Possibility of entering
    into a new trade with
    lower obstacles
  • CCBA774A-E50F-4BCA-ACC7-D5C932296D49Created with sketchtool. Tapping on the support
    of a larger organisation

Starting your I Can Read centre in 3 easy steps

Qualifying stage

Submit the franchise application form and signing of non-disclosure form.

Getting to know you better

Meet up with Business Development team for in-depth discussion and business model.

Seal the deal

Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to get you started.

The 100 Days Plan

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Our Presence

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  • shutterstock_371699875 [轉換] Hong Kong SAR
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  • 648D80FA-7233-4EF1-BE77-DD27A0A59E94Created with sketchtool. Malaysia
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  • 6927B1B5-6B63-458B-9177-263EC8D90C1ECreated with sketchtool. Thailand
  • 781C2674-8964-4E3E-8837-ECD113978C18Created with sketchtool. Vietnam
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